Weightlifting Seminar Saturday August 5th 9am-2:30pm



The goal of this weightlifting only camp is three-fold:

Give the attendee an above average understanding of the major concepts of the Olympic lifts and the capacity to see, understand, and repair their own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Help attendees comprehend and gain knowledge of the foundational principles surrounding the lifts starting at the basic level and moving to very complex including but not limited to biomechanic advantages and disadvantages to certain start positions, best practices for lifting based on body segment lengths, and core principles that every lifter must be taught and understand at the very beginning.

Eyes on coaching under load in which the attendee will gain immediate feedback and have the ability to see the coach spot and fix common errors in lifting groups.

*There will be a 15 athlete limit*

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2 Position Clean (below knee + floor): Build to max for the day

For Total Time (15 min cap):
3 Rounds:
10 Burpees over Bar
10 Toes to Bar
Rest 2 minutes, then…
3 rounds
15 Deadlifts (135/95)
7 Pushpress | R+ HSPU


FS: APRE – 3/4 weeks
Set 1-50% of predicted 3rm/6 reps
Set 2-75% of predicted 3rm/3 reps
Set 3-Max Reps of predicted 3rm
Set 4-Max Reps at Adjusted weight dependent on reps in set 3 as below
Weight Change Based on Reps in set 3
Reps – Weight Change
1-2 – Decrease 5-10#
3-4 – No change
5-6 – Increase 5-10#
7+ – Increase 10-15#

50 alt. pushup hold shoulder taps

4 min. tabata – HS hold facing wall

4 min. tabata – Hollow rocks


5 Sets Alternating of:
5 Front Squats (work up to a heavy set)
10 Hollow Rocks

In Teams of Two, one partner working at a time, AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
10 Burpees over Bar
10 Straight Leg Raises
15 Deadlifts
7 Pushpress

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