In teams of two, for total time:
3 Rounds each of:
15 Alt. DB snatch (50/35)
15 Toes to Bar

3 Rounds each of:
12 DB Cleans (50/35s)
12 C2B Pullups

3 Rounds each of:
9 Alt. OH DB Lunge (50/35s)
9 Bar MU

*Athletes take turns completing 3 rounds each of each couplet. Partner A completes 1 round then Partner B completes 1 round, and so on until both athletes complete 3 rounds, and so on for each couplet.


Clean + FS + Jerk: Build to heavy single

4 sets 12 weighted GHD hip extensions – heavy but perfect, feel the posterior

25 hollow rocks

4 sets w/ towel b/n feet: 3 strict ring pullups to bottom of ribs + 5 hollow/arch swings

5 sets of MU clusters: 3.2.1 ( . = 10 sec. res) 90 sec. rest b/n each set of cluster

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