Yoga at CFA Thursday night at 7:00pm

2017 CFA Team Club Championship

The Sign up board for the 2017 Team Club Championship is up at the gym. Please sign your team members, division and shirt sizes on the board. This is a fun and friendly event for all members. The event will take place on Friday November 10th at CFA. We have several divisions so that every one has a chance to compete! After the competition we will hang out and have some fun. Bring a snack to share and as always BYOB! Please click here for more information.


T-Spine Mob w/ Foam Roller
Quad Smash w/ BB
Pigeon Stretch 30 sec L/C/R

EMOM for 5 Rounds:
5-7 Strict Pull-ups
6 e/leg Lateral Weighted Stepup
2 Box Supported HS Circles
22 Lunges in Place

*Box Supported HS Circles: Elevate feet on box, vertical torso, and handstand walk in complete circle, 1 ea direction for a total of 2.

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