AllenCore Fitness

We are excited to kick off our new Allen Core Fitness Program! The class will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00am. The new class will begin Monday January 15th. Please click here for more information on the class. Please be sure to like and share our page on Facebook!!


2 Push Press + 2 Split Jerks
12 min working to max for the day

2:00 min on / 2:00 min off for 5 rounds, for AMRAP:
8 Pullups | R+ C2B
8 20″ Step Ups (35/25) | R+ Alt. Pistols
8 Hang Power Cleans (115/75)

*start over with PU each round.
**Alternating, single leg stepups (up down on one leg without using the other leg)


Back Squat: 8 min EMOM – 3 reps @ 72%

4 min. Reverse tabata
Cartwheel into HS hold on wall

5 sets – 50 ft. HS walk
*every 10 ft. step on and over a set of plates/obstacle


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