Back Squat: 6 sets starting w/ empty bar to build to heavy double with 3 sec pause on both reps

5 Cycles for AMRAP:
60 Sec of Max DB Thrusters (35/25s)
30 Sec Rest
60 Sec of Max 20ft Shuttle Run (ea cone =1)
30 Sec Rest
60 Sec of Max Russian KB swings (53/35)
30 Sec Rest

*the goal is to find a pace in each 60 sec timeframe that you can work the entire time. Share equipment starting different stations as needed.

12 min. EMOM
Power Snatch + Full Snatch
*start at 50% and build
*focus on consistent footwork, reset each rep

3 sets as warmup: 5 sec. arch hold + 5 sec. hollow hold + 5 H/A swings on rings

3 sets of 5-8 MU AFAP – rest as needed, focus on tight efficient movement

Core Fitness Training

1)8 min emom
O: 30 sec counter weight squat hold at parallel
E: 4 walking inch worms

2) 3 sets of 12 front squat building, rest 90 sec.

3)3 sets:
50 foot walking lunge building in weight
90 sec rest

e/ leg dumbell single leg RDL
30 sec rest between legs

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