Join us for the 2018 CFA Friday Night Lights!! Registration is live! Please click here for more information!!


AMRAP in 20 minutes:
12 DB Burpee 20″ Box StepOvers
9 DB Thrusters
25ft DB Front Rack Walking Lunge
6 Single DB Abmat Situps

*All with 2 DBs (50/35)


12 min. EMOM
E- 2 BS w/ 2 sec. pause in bottom (all reps between 70 and 75%)
O- 5 small circle buttefly kips + 10 pullups

6 rounds for time:
11 DL 255/175
6 Bar MU
walk 90 sec. recovery

Allen Core Fitness Training

Warm up
5 min row increasing cal/ hr every min 

4 sets:
15 seated Arnold press
15 hollow rocks
15 bent over dumbell row both arms
30 sec flutter kicks
1 min Rest

50 side jackknifes e/side

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