Banded DL: 5 sets working to a 5RM w/ heavy band tension
*bands under feet
** after each set perform box jumps

6 Rounds for Time:
20 DB Snatch (50/35s)
100M DB Farmers Carry (50/35)
30 Double unders


A) Muscle Clean: 30-50/4*3 sets
B) Clean from bocks at mid thigh – Every 90 sec. 50/5, 60/4, 70/3, 80/2, 85/1*4

4 sets: 3 Strict hollow ring pullups + 3 Hollow/arch kips + 3 MU
*immediatly drop and perform 10 hollow rocks after each set

Midline – After Metcon
3 rounds
-20 ghd situps
-20 ghd hip extensions (don’t overarch back)

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