AMRAP in 8 Minutes:
9 DB Burpee Squat Cleans (50/35s)

*Scale HSPU with DB Push Press

Midline – After
400m plate bearhug carry – every 100m 6 G2OH


Snatch from hip: 30-40/3*5 sets
Snatch from block at mid thigh:
Work to a heavy triple for the day
Then drop 10% and perform 6 singles, EMOM

Deadlift: Every 2 min – 8×3 reps working up to 80% of best 3RM

Accumulate 40 H/A kips on rings w/ towel b/n feet

10 min. EMOM:
3 Ring MU
*focus on making each kip perfect and as energy efficient as possible
**pick a number that will challenge you but that you can do

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