3 Rounds for Time, in Teams of 2:
30 Front Squats (115/75)
30 Pushups
200M KB/DB Farmers Carry (70s/53s)

4 min. tabata – Hollow hold


Warmup – then:
4 min EMOM – Building
2 Snatch from mid thigh, start light
rest 1 min.
4 min. EMOM – Building
Snatch pull to above knee + snatch from 2″ off ground
rest 1 min.
7 min. clock
Find Best 3 pos. Snatch
above knee+below knee+2″ off ground

For time: segmented Isabel (snatch anystyle)
10 Snatch (115/85)
10 Snatch (135/95)
10 Snatch (155/105)
*scale as needed to complete with no misses, heaviest should be about 80%

8 reps: 1 wall walk + 1 3 sec. HSPU negative
*ensure top of wall walk is a straight line from wrist to ankle
*as you control lower, keep core tight

5 sets:
25 ft. HS walk to wall + 5 lateral steps e/direction w/ feet on wall

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