Back Squat: 1 Pause Squat + 2 Squat, Build to Heavy Set

Conditioning A
EMOM for 5 Rounds:
8 Alt. Single Leg Stepups (weighted as able) | R+ 8 Alt Pistols
10 Box Jumps (24/20 | R+ 30/24)
8 E/Side Turkish Situps (up to elbow)


Pause Push Jerk + Push jerk: 6 sets building,
then drop to 80% of today’s best and perform 10 reps w/ minimal rest

Midline of Choice

Allen Core Fitness Training

Warm up
4 sets:
100 meter jog
15 Russian KBS progressing in weight blue, yellow, yellow, green.
20 banded pull parts 

Two rounds rest 1:1
600 meter run
30 DB front squats
30 alt DB snatches 

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