In teams of 2, For time:
150 Cal Row
130 Wallballs
110 Walking lunges (35/25 plate)
90 Burpees to Target
70 Toes to Bar


12 min. to find max of complex:
Snatch Pull to Mid Thigh + Snatch from below Knee + OHS

Pause FS: Find a 1 rep max in 12 minutes with a 5 sec pause

Strict Hollow Ring Pull-ups: 4 sets 5 w/ 2 sec. pause at top of each

4 sets: 10 hollow/arch kips on rings + 4 Ring MU
*scale progression as needed

Immediately After Metcon
8 min. EMOM:
12 GHD situps + 10 sec. hold at parallel

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