In Teams of two, Bike and/or Row for Max Calories in 30 Minutes
*One partner will complete one round of strict Cindy while one partner rows or bikes, then switch


Split Jerk: 12 minutes to build to heavy double from blocks
then, drop to 75% of complex and perform 1 split every 30 sec. for 10 reps

Back Squat: 80/2*6 sets EMOM

12 min. EMOM
E- 3 strict MU
O- 8 alt. pistols
*scale to progression as needed

Allen Core Fitness

Warm up
3 sets:
30 sec wall sit
20 air squats
10 cal bike 

EMOM for 16 minutes:
1.25 sec handstand hold
2.5 deadlifts AHAP
3.50 du or 100  singles
4.15/ 12 cal row

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