In teams of 2, alternating complete rounds, 5 Rounds each for Time:
20/16 Cal Row (16/12 Cal Bike)
12 Pullups | R+ 5 Bar MU
14 DB Box Step Ups (50/35-20″)

*Scaled 6 Strict Banded Pullups (no kipping w/ bands)


Push Jerk: Build to a heavy single

Pause BS: 1 reps (3 sec) EMOM for 10 min @ 80-85% for 1 reps

In as few sets as possible – 60 lateral HS steps on wall (keep it 30/30 but break up as desired)

3 attempts: Max distance UB HS walk

Midline – After
3 sets:
20 hollow rocks
10 GHD hip extensions

Allen Core Fitness

10 min EMOM:
5 deadlift @ 70%

5 sets:
10 SL RDL building at a smooth pace but no rest.

5 sets:
30 UB kettlebell swings every 3:30

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