Wednesday: 9am and 10am – Open Gym from 4pm-6pm


3 rounds for time (16 min cap):
1 round=
5-3-1 Power Clean & Jerk (135/85) | R+ 165/115
7-5-3 C2B Pullup | R+ 3-2-1 Ring MU

Rest 2 min after each round.
Note: 16 minute cap = 4 min rounds. Scale accordingly to finish all reps within the cap.

Weighted Plank: 40 sec on / 20 sec off, for 4 sets


Jerk w/ Pause in Dip: Build to heavy single

Front Squats: 2 Reps EMOM to max
*start at 50% and add 10/20# each set

Accumulate 25 freestanding Tripod pos. leg lifts

10 min EMOM: 5 kipping HSPU + 2 strict HSPU
**set up open standard

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