Shall I compare thy jerk to a summer’s day?
Thy lifts are more lovely at any weight:
Heavy loads can cause others’ limbs to sway,
But beneath the kilos thou stayest straight.
Sometimes too heavy’s the bar on our chest,
And often our muscles are too relaxed,
And we lean forward, knowing it’s not best,
With soggy dips, hopes for success are axed.
But thy straight posture shall never bend,
Nor lose the connection from hips to thighs,
Nor shall the link from shoulders to hips end,
When lifting under Coach’s watchful eyes
So long as you make lifts, and judges see,
So long will judges give white lights to thee.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Shoulder Roll w/ Ball
Box Shoulder Stretch 2 min
Couch Stretch: 1 min e/side

3 Sets:
8 DB Z-Press (light-med)
4-6 Strict Chinups

20 Minutes, for Total Distance:
Row 10min
Run 10min
*start on either

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