CrossFitAllen – CrossFit


Gen Warmup, then:

30 Secs each of:

PVC Pass Throughs

Active Spidermans

PVC Power Snatches

Active Divebombers

PVC Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

Push-up to Down Dog


Snatch Complex (Build to a heavy complex. )

Power Snatch+Overhead Squat+Squat Snatch
On the strength complex, go right from the power snatch into the overhead squat.

You can drop the barbell from overhead before performing the final squat snatch.

Focus should be on quick turnover/ punch through while moving the fee.


Metcon (Time)

“Rocket Power”

For Time:

21 Lateral Barbell Burpees

21 Power Snatches (95/65 | R+ 115/85)

15 Lateral Barbell Burpees

15 Overhead Squats (115/85 | R+ 115/85)

9 Lateral Barbell Burpees

9 Squat Snatches (95/65 | R+ 115/85)

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