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General Warmup and Stretch, then…

Pec Stretch on Wall: 30 Seconds Each Side

Front Rack Stretch: 1 Minute

Squat Hold: 1 Minute

Movement Prep


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Lethal Weapon”

With a Partner (A & B)


A: 1 Round of “The Chief” while

B: 200 Meter Run


A:200 Meter Run

B: 1 Round of “The Chief”


2 Rounds of “The Chief”

200 Meter Run

3 Rounds of “The Chief”

200 Meter Run


Continue to Add 1 Round Until Cap

1 Round of “The Chief”:

3 Power Cleans (135/95|R+165/115)

6 Push-ups

9 Air Squats
*Each partner must complete the round(s) of “The Chief” AND the Run before moving to the next round

*Score is total rounds and reps combined

*For Example: If you and your partner finished all the rounds once you got to the “5 Rounds of The Chief”, your score would be 30 Rounds…5+4+3+2+1 = 15 rounds x 2 partners = 30 rounds

*For simplicity, 200 meter runs will not count towards you score


Power Clean Cycling

3 Rounds:

AMRAP 20 Seconds: Max Reps @ 70%

Rest 40 Seconds –

AMRAP 30 Seconds: Max Reps @ 75%

Rest 30 Seconds –

AMRAP 40 Seconds: Max Reps @ 80%

Rest 1:20 –

Percentages Based Off 1RM Power Clean

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