CrossFitAllen – CrossFit


General Warmup and Stretch


Spending 8-10 Minutes on a specific skill:

Double Unders


Rope Climbs

Pull Ups

Muscle Ups

Hand Stand

Hand Stand Walks

Getting Upside Down

Kipping Swings



Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“Don’t Drop the Soap Pt. 2”

AMRAP 15 w/ a Partner, completing full rounds and then switching:

35 Double Unders

10 Elevated Ring Rows (feet on a box)

45#/35# Plate Hold


50 Double Unders

2 Rope Climbs

45#/35# Plate Hold


75 Single Unders

10 Ring Rows

Athlete’s Choice on plate hold #
While partner A is completing a full round, Partner B is holding a 45#/35# plate any way they would like..the plate (soap) may NOT touch the ground for the entirety of the 15 minutes.

Then, partners will switch

Cool Down

:30 Wrist Stretch

1:00 Banded Lat Stretch (each side)

:30 Banded Cross Body Stretch (each side)

1:00 Couch Stretch (each side)


Odd Object Work

3 Rounds:

400m Run with a Sandbag/Plate

50 ft. Walking Lunge with a Sandbag/Plate


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15:00:

50 Double Unders

10 Double Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

*The “resting” partner will hold a 50 lb. Dumbbell while the other partner completes a round. Everyone holds a 50-lb Dumbbell

*Partners must complete full rounds before switching

Individual: 8 Rounds For Time

50 DU

10 Double Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

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