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0:30 Active Spiderman

0:30 Updog to Downdog

0:30 Active Samson

0:30 Alternating Quad Stretch

0:30 Knuckle Drags

0:30 Arm Circles (forward and backward)

0:30 Across The Chest Arm Swings

Movement Prep

Power Clean

3 Times. . .

0:03 Pause Mid Shin

0:03 Pause at The Knee

0:03 Pause at Full Extension

Power Clean (0:03 pause in the catch)

Bench Press

10 High Plank Scap Retractions

5 Push Ups

10 Bench Press (Empty Bar)

Overhead Squat

3 Behind the Head Push Jerks

3 Overhead Squats



For Max Load:

Power Clean

Bench Press

Overhead Squat

*Score = Sum Total Load (Heaviest Power Clean + Heaviest Bench Press + Heaviest Overhead Squat)

*Enter in individual loads for each portion, and total them for “The Other Total”

Power Clean (In 10 Minutes, build to a max power clean)

Bench Press (In 10 Minutes, build to a max bench press)

Overhead Squat (In 10 Minutes, build to a max Overhead Squat)

The Other Total (Total Weight)

Clean (1 Rep Max)
Bench Press (1 Rep Max)
Overhead Squat (1 Rep Max)


Row Intervals

3 Sets:

1000 Meters at Moderate Pace

2 Minutes Rest

400 Meters at Fast Pace

100 Meters at Easy Pace

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets



Chest to Bar Pullups

(Sub regular pullups, banded chest to bar)


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

For Max Unbroken Reps:

Double Dumbbell Power Clean

Double Dumbbell Bench Press

Double Dumbbell Front Squat

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